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l) behind whose seals (the sender or body transport production, serviceability of seals, prints on them is shipped and received; transport and consignor marking of places (according to documents and actually), existence or lack of packing labels, seals on separate places;

For acceptance of production in days off or holidays the certificate can be issued in the last predvykhodny or holiday day for every day separately without indication of a concrete lot of products.

Sampling (about it is made in strict accordance with requirements of the regulations stated above. The selected samples (tests) are sealed up or sealed up and supplied with the labels signed by the persons participating in selection.

In the absence of the relevant inspectorate for quality or bureau of commodity examinations in the location of the recipient (buyer), at refusal to allocate their representative or absence it on a call of the recipient (buyer) check is made:

The materially responsible and subordinated to them persons, and also persons which are carrying out the account, storage, acceptance and holiday of material values as representatives of the public of the enterprises recipients should not be allocated. In particular, heads of the enterprises and their deputies cannot be allocated as representatives of the public of the enterprise recipient (and when they are not responsible persons), the employees of checking department, accountants, commodity researchers connected taking into account, storage, holiday and acceptance of material values, employees of legal service of these enterprises, pretenzionist.

3 The act has to be signed by all persons participating in quality check and completeness of production. The person not concordant with contents of the act is obliged to sign it with the reservation on the disagreement and to state the opinion.

4 in case of presentation of a claim about compensation of a difference in the cost of production (markdown) in connection with the translation it in lower grade the recipient is obliged to attach the documents confirming receipt of production with actually received grade to a claim. The trading organizations are obliged to submit signed by the head of the organization (or his deputy) and the chief accountant the certificate of product sales at the price of that grade to which it is transferred, or about the made revaluation if production is not realized yet, and also the reference behind signatures of the same officials on remarking of production the corresponding grade.

The selected samples (tests) of production have to be stored by the recipient, the manufacturer (sender) before settlement of dispute about quality of production, and in cases of transfer of materials about release of substandard production in bodies of prosecutor's office and court — up to the permission of matter in these bodies.

m) quantity (weight), full name and transfer of production shown to survey and actually checked with allocation of production defective, subject to correction at the manufacturer or on a place, including by replacement of separate details, and also production which grade does not correspond to the grade specified in the document certifying its quality. The detailed description of the revealed shortcomings and their character;

If the manufacturer or his location to the recipient (buyer) are not known, the claim is in duplicate sent to the sender (supplier) who immediately after its receiving, is obliged to send one copy to the manufacturer, having informed on it the recipient (buyer).

When acceptance of production was made in day off or the holiday, the act of acceptance has to be approved by the head of the enterprise recipient or its deputy in the first working day after day off or the holiday.

with participation of the competent representative of the public of the enterprise recipient appointed by the director from among the persons approved by the decision of factory, factory or local committee of labor union of this enterprise or

Representatives of other enterprises and the organizations and the public representatives allocated for participation in acceptance of production having no right to earn reward for participation in acceptance of production at the enterprise recipient.