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Can be the reasons of a gipovitaminoz of vitamin A limited consumption of the products of an animal origin rich with vitamin A, and the vegetable products rich with  carotene, the proteinaceous insufficiency interfaced to violation of synthesis of retinolsvyazyvayushchy protein and process of absorption and transport of Retinolum, the violation of process of absorption of lipids, including fat-soluble vitamins connected with damage of a mucous membrane of intestines or gapatobiliarny system (chronic enterita, hepatitises, angiokholita, etc.).

Vitamin A maintains high temperatures within a short period of time. Vitamin is sensitive to oxidation by oxygen of air and to ultraviolet rays. It is better to store the products containing vitamin A in a dark place.

At a vitamin A gipovitaminoza skin becomes dry and rough on hands and calves of feet, is shelled, the orogoveniye of hair follicles does it rough. Nails become dry and dim. Also weight loss is noted, up to exhaustion, children have a growth inhibition.

Vitamin E contains practically in all products, but especially there is a lot of it in grain, bean, in vegetables: asparagus cabbage, tomatoes, salad, peas, spinach, parsley tops of vegetable, dogrose seeds. Its small amounts contain in meat, fat, eggs, milk and beef liver.

Vitamin K () is necessary for synthesis in a liver of active forms of a prothrombin (difficult protein of plasma of blood) and other factors of a fibrillation at treatment by the antibiotics and preparations influencing intestinal microflora. The healthy organism develops vitamin K itself. Vitamin K is produced by intestinal microflora and arrives with foodstuff.

Vitamin K is widespread in flora. Green leaves of a lucerne, spinach, a chestnut, a nettle, a yarrow are especially rich with it. It is a lot of vitamin and in a dogrose, a white, color and red cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, strawberry.

Vitamin D is generally formed in a human body in skin under the influence of ultraviolet rays which influence the pro-vitamin D which is formed in deeper layers of skin of cholesterol. Vitamin D is a little active. To turn into the active form, vitamin D in a liver is hydroxylated and turns into active vitamin D.

Tokoferola contain in the basic in vegetable products. Not refined vegetable oils are richest with them: soy, cotton, sunflower, peanut, corn, sea-buckthorn. Most of all vitaminoaktivny tocopherol in sunflower oil.

In vegetable products vitamin D is practically not present. Most of all vitamin contains in some fish products: fish fat, cod liver, herring Atlantic, nototeniya. In eggs its contents makes 2,2%, in milk - 0,05%, in butter - 1,3%, in small amounts there is it at mushrooms, a nettle, a yarrow, spinach.