The Simple Way To Write A Sermon

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Concerning protection of property of investors it is desirable to develop a uniform order of determination of the extent of the damage caused, in particular, by wastes and plunders, and also unfair competition.

It is expedient to stimulate transactions in which the foreign partner delivers cars, the equipment, technologies, complete plants in exchange for counter deliveries of raw materials, the semi-finished products made on the put equipment.

The difference in norm of the interest rates paid on various securities has impact on the movement of this type of investments. So, the high norm of interest rates in the USA attracted a great number of foreign investors, especially Japanese.

Investment (export the capital is multilateral process. By definition investments are long-term capital investments in various branches of economy for the purpose of receiving profit. However, it is necessary to consider that implementation of investments, including foreign, has to be mutually advantageous process, that is make profit as to object, and the subject (investor).

The analysis of structure of already attracted direct investments first of all shows that the lion's share of such investments goes or to export-oriented branches (energy industry, the mining industry, woodworking and pulp and paper industry), or to extremely profitable projects with small payback periods and an insignificant capital intensity (trade, telecommunications, public catering, construction of office and hotel buildings in the large cities, the food industry, financial services).