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Sharp width change of climate is caused by that in the north of the country damp sea winds and low atmospheric pressure dominate, and in the south there is a zone of a high pressure leading to an air siccation. Cold Peruvian Current (the current Humboldt washing the southern part of Ecuador

Agriculture and fishery. Though the agriculture share in gross domestic product of Ecuador makes all the one eighth part, in agriculture and fishery nearly a half of all labor is occupied. Such discrepancy indicates very low productivity of agriculture and, besides, reflects that fact that in Ecuador exists two sharply various like agriculture – one of them practices in Sierra, and another on coastal plains of Costa.

explains frequent emergence of fogs, a small amount of rainfall, low overcast and temperatures, unusually cool for these latitudes, here. All these factors caused formation of the seaside desert here.

Primary branches of manufacturing industry are oil processing, food, textile and sewing, metalworking, pulp-and-paper, woodworking, chemical, pharmaceutical and production of plastic.