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Problem of information systems of the class MRP II is optimum formation of a stream of materials (raw materials), semi-finished products (including the being in productions and finished products. The system of the class MRP II - aims at integration of all main processes realized by the enterprise such as supply, stocks, production, sale and distribution, planning, control over the implementation of the plan, expense, finance, fixed assets, etc.

If results of the plan are not realistic, this plan or plans of the highest level have to be revised. Thus it is possible to carry out coordination of supply and demand of resources at the certain level of planning and resources at the highest levels of planning.

Focus of planning of sales volume and production is the plan of production. Though it is also called as the plan of production, it in principle not simply the output plan. He demands existence of necessary volume of resources on all company in general. If the department of marketing plans races on sales of a certain range of products, engineers have to provide existence of necessary volume of the equipment; the department of MTS will have to provide additional supply of materials (existence new the supplier; the human resources department will have to provide existence of additional volume of a manpower, and also to organize new shifts. Plus to everything will need to be provided existence of necessary volume of the capital (for payment of additional volume of resources and a stock.

If the business plan provides a total on sales volumes by the month (in terms of money), the plan of sales volumes and production breaks this information till 10-15 assortment groups. As a result receive the plan of production which is monthly revised, in view of the plan of the last month, real results and data of the business plan.

MRP II is a set of the reasonable principles checked in practice, models and procedures of management and control, employees to increase of indicators of economic activity of the enterprise. The idea of MRP II relies on some simple principles, for example, division of demand on dependent and independent. MRP II Standart System contains the description of 16 groups of functions of system:

The MRP II standard divides spheres of separate functions (procedures) into two levels: necessary and optional. In order that the software was carried to the class MRP II, it has to carry out a certain volume of necessary (main) functions (procedures). Some software suppliers accepted various range of realization of optional part of procedures of this standard.