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It is necessary to consider also such subjective factor as desire and readiness of pupils to develop the talents and abilities. This factor is formed, of course, in the sum of results of school and family education. But first of all it is result of influence of public culture. It, as we know, develops decades, if not for centuries.

the humane attitude towards people including to itself, ability in the nonviolent ways to resolve the interpersonal and intra personal conflicts, development of ability to acceptance and understanding of other person.

Interesting approaches which most of all answer opportunities of updating of educational activity in our country are presented in Bondarevskaya E.V. concepts., Gazman O. S., their Talanchuk N. M. Rassmotrim.

Complete approach to the solution of these and other problems arising upon transition to multilevel system assumes development of new philosophy of pedagogical education which cornerstone allegedly the complete image of the person - the graduate of the pedagogical university integrated into culture and capable to the kulturosoobrazny device of life own and the pupils which characteristic features are free-thinking, spirituality, humanity, creativity, adaptability, etc. is.

Internalization by children of universal universal values, preservation of cumulative spiritual experience of mankind: dialogue between various cultures and the people; respect for human life, awareness of its inviolability; freedom and responsibility;

In this regard the basic minimum as which it is understood the external and internal common cultural prerequisites necessary for healthy neantagonichesky existence of the person and the environment surrounding it, conditions of their harmonious development also has to be developed.