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Positions of the developed countries in global division of labor are defined by existence at them advanced scientifically investment and is information - industrial complexes, their control over mostly global infrastructure of the international economic relations.

Knowledge-intensive specialization. The knowledge-intensive branches / hight tecknology industries / the most modern industries, vypukayushchy production on the basis of the last achievements of science and technology / the term is accepted in mezhdunaodny practice/. These branches differ in large expenses on scientific researches, to front lines in the scientific plan the production device, znachiyelny personnel potential.

The international specialization of production develops in two directions: production and territorial. In turn, the production direction is subdivided into interindustry, intra-branch specialization and into specialization of the separate enterprises (the companies, associations). In territorial aspect of MSP assumes specialization of the certain countries, groups of the countries and regions on production of certain products of manifestation and their parts for the world market.

The world division of labor an objective basis production, scientifically - technical, trade and other cooperation between the countries of the world. The World Division of Labour (WDL) - a basis of interaction of the states of all planet. The world division of labor - a basis of the world economy.

In - the second, demographic factor makes strong impact on investment process, compelling the state the production device consisting of the small, handicraft and semi-handicraft enterprises for ensuring growth of employment at least according to growth of a reserve of labor.