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After production and the subsequent cleaning of a payment, it is necessary to carry out selective control (since technical process will be applied to mass production and control of each payment is not effective for economic reasons) qualities of metallization of a surface of a payment.

This cell is entirely collected on discrete elements, for installation of elements the bilateral printed-circuit board with unilateral printed circuit wiring is used, the reverse side of a payment is metallized for giving of the best noise immunity to a product. The payment is made by the combined positive method.

- reservation of the equipment. It will be considered whenever possible, but reservation of a large number of units of equipment is not favorable to us since in case of "final" obsolescence of a concrete look, there will be a need of replacement also and the reserve equipment, besides replacement of the basic therefore we will try to manage the high level of service, reserving generally only production "bottlenecks".

Everything is higher the told is achievable only in case our production is equipped with the universal equipment capable to work with different types of element base. In view of continuous improvement by producers of element base, it is necessary to watch the market of the completing elements and in due time to make production modernization, replacing the outdated equipment on newer.

- The mnogoshpindelny boring machine, also exists possibility of its replacement with the Stamp on the basis of VK-15 metal ceramics; VK-20, it will allow even to increase some productivity on this site of the line, but to the detriment of quality of the received openings.

Reflects the initial stage of development of technology and represents the conditional image of a chain of the interconnected technological and control operations, their contents and logical sequence of performance in the course of production.

The cell contains 7 OS6-9 resistors, of 150 Ohms, the 301st and 1kom sootvetstvenno; 7 OCK10 condensers – 17B With a Capacity of 51, 470 both 22 and one condenser tuning the OCKT4-27 type on face value 3-5.

Having analysed all facts, and also having made the forecast of development of branch for the near future, having especially paid attention to potential competitors, considering a krupnoseriynost of our production, we will find out - that the flexible type of automation of production in the best way is suitable for our case. Certain qualitative characteristics are inherent in a flexible type of production, we will try to analyse our production, according to these characteristics:

This line is intended for production of printed-circuit boards from a steklotekstolit by the combined positive method (as well as it is set in conditions the project, in case of need the line can be rather easily recustomized on production of printed-circuit boards by the negative combined method or on production of payments on aditivny technology.