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Let's consider the main types of documents used in work of the enterprise with their characteristics. There is a lot of types of the documents used in work of the enterprise (at the separate enterprises their number reaches to 500-6 At the same time, from the point of view of office of main types of documents there is very small amount, namely on only only 3 look:

The basic principles of the organization of the steady and operated document flow for the organization are listed in this section. All of them are stated in literature and are known practically to any executive but as practice shows they rather often are broken.

Let's consider the main methods of automation of office activity. The modern organizations represent set of the divisions, branches, departments and offices communicating among themselves and performing separate parts of the general work. The main phases of life of unstructured information at office are:

First of all all documents passing through the general department possess unique registration number (perhaps the algorithms of creation of numbers for each of document types. Besides, any paper which does not have registration number it it is simple paper, but not the document. By the document it is done by existence on it registration number.