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Store the mashed potatoes preserved by chemicals in pure dry barrels of well ventilated warehouses at a temperature of 0-20 of 0C and relative humidity of air it is not higher than 75%. On confectioneries the unpacked way of storage of mashed potatoes in special capacities is widely applied. Before filling capacities, they are fumigated with sulphurous anhydride. In the course of storage exercise control of the content of sulphurous anhydride and solids of mashed potatoes. Besides, control acidity and other indicators, tests on jelly and on a stalemate become.

Taste of a flour has to be peculiar to wheat flour (slightly sweetish). Bitterish or sourish smack, a musty, mouldy or foreign smell testify to insufficient freshness of a flour or availability of foreign impurity in it that is not allowed by production of wafers and other confectionery.

Thus, the kleysterization of starch is a process of its hydrothermal destruction, i.e. irreversible destruction of natural structure in the course of heating at excess of water. However undamped starch (humidity to 10%) even when heating to 90 0C practically does not change the structure. In other words, depth of thermal destruction of starched grains increases with temperature increase, but decreases at humidity reduction.

Preparation of raw materials for production is an integral part of technological process at all enterprises of the food industry. Quality of products and its safety depends on care of its carrying out.

At the same time it should be noted that all this period there was an internal accumulation of knowledge and experience that, certainly, affected state of the economy and finance which slowly started returning to normal.

Usually the gluten of a flour is estimated not only with quantitative, but also from the qualitative party, defining degree of its tensile properties, elasticity and elasticity. However these properties of a gluten reflect mainly properties of the glyuteninovy fraction having negative impact on formation of structure of wafer dough and finished products.

Quality of food fragrances has to conform to the following requirements. Appearance – transparent liquid, a smell – compliance to a control sample. Besides, for each type of fragrance color, index of refraction and density are regulated. In all types and names of essences presence of arsenic, salts of copper and lead is not allowed. Besides, in fragrances fortress (concentration alcohol – solvent and the maintenance of composition of fragrant substances (OST 10-273-is normalized

Today the confectionery industry represents industrial production with high technological level and technicians, powerful economy. It for many decades by right was considered as one of the advanced branches of the food industry.

Proteins represent high-molecular substances which primary structure is formed by the polypeptide chains constructed of various amino acids and connected among themselves by peptide communications. The composition of amino acids of a flour and the products made of it determines their proteinaceous value. Thus irreplaceable amino acids are of special value. Among irreplaceable amino acids special importance is represented by a lysine. Unfortunately, the lack of this amino acid is felt in proteins of wheat, and, therefore, in a flour.

On ability to be dissolved in various solvents of a squirrel of wheat divide into four groups: proteins, soluble in clear water and salt solutions, - albumine; proteins, soluble only in salt solutions, - globulin, proteins, soluble in water solutions of alcohols, - gliadine; proteins, soluble in alkali, -. The average content of proteinaceous fractions in a baking flour of the premium the following, %: albumine 16,2; globulin 9,4; gliadine 34,2; 37,6; rest 5,

For production of a wafer sheet the following main types of raw materials are used: premium wheat flour, yolks or melange, vegetable oil. Salt, soda, a fosfatidny concentrate belong to additional raw materials. The raw materials applied at production of wafers have to conform to requirements of the existing standards or specifications.

Mashed potatoes wipe by protirochny car through a sieve with openings diameter no more 1mm. Fruit and berry stuffings warm previously and pass via the protirochny machine with cells with a diameter no more than 3 mm.

Confectionery as a delicacy are known to mankind from time immemorial, since then, when people seized fire, learned to grind from grain a flour and to mix it with honey. In our country in the XVI century there was a confectionery gingerbread trade.