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The computer reading room is intended for work with literature on electronic media, the BITs database and other structural divisions of KTU, and also for information and patent search in Internet.

Understanding that only the high school library is called and capable to influence processes of training, receiving professional knowledge and formation of scientific outlook through modern computer means, in BITs the purposes of automation of library processes were defined:

Carries out storage, restoration, the organization and use of book fund. The main objective of department is the satisfaction of queries of readers of BITs. The sector of service of the BITs library points will organize funds of reading rooms, NBO, subscriptions of art and foreign literature.

Persons are allowed to certification not less than three years having economic or legal education, and also length of service from the last five as the auditor, the specialist of auditor firm, the accountant, the economist of the auditor, the head the enterprise, the scientist or the teacher of an economic profile.

And, if accounting at the client ­, the auditor when performing the functions is obliged to by the standard, auditor activity in the conditions of computer data processing.

on which accounting is focused on a of computers. Here the volume of primary accounting documents which make contents of computer files is, as a rule, processed. In this case KSAS can use files of the client that to reduction of costs of audit performance, increase of its accuracy and efficiency.

The functional part — is set economical ­ and economical and organizational models, and also methods, techniques and methods of performance of audit. The part intended for automation of process of the presented in the first part consists of, program, technical and other providing. these parts in more detail.

The same standard has to be and the basis for a of the KSAS developer that will allow it to consider specifics of the automated accounting correctly. Besides, the standard will help to order work on clarification of an form of computer processing of a registration of the client. Thus it is necessary to find out extent of Centralization of data processing: data are processed on local computers or on connected in a network.

Development of the market relations in economy of the state objectively conducts to polarity of interests between, consumers and the state. For example, creation of societies led to collision of interests of and managing directors (the manager. In this regard there was a need for the independent control of activity of subjects urged to provide confirmation of a of their financial reports. This kind of activity the name audit.

Formation of new economic methods of managing, disaggregation of FPI – KTU, opening of new higher education institutions led to that in a root the structure of BITs changed: there were no branches, reading rooms of OPL and course and degree design are liquidated, the part of book fund departed to again organized Mountain academy and KGUSTA.

KTU library information center as the oldest and unique high school library on work form and content in new economic conditions throughout the last five – develops six years the complete program of reorganization of all the activity.

Modern economic and technological conditions demand change in the content of work of libraries, use of marketing in planning of library and bibliographic activity, application of new technologies.

The Biblio program is constantly corrected, new blocks are developed. Now line for the software of input of bibliographic card files: "Market economy", "Works KTU", "Higher school" etc. which are sharply necessary in educational process, especially now at general deficiency of educational and scientific literature.

With acquisition of computers in BITs the translation of printing catalogs in an electronic form and ensuring on-line access to them that will allow to conduct fast exhaustive search of literature, information and the accelerated granting it to readers will begin.

In summary it should be noted that in BITs conditions for stage-by-stage informatization of library processes are created. Now along with traditional methods new information technologies which give to users and librarians a number of advantages take root: